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Area beginning to offer new options for senior living

Illustration by Ben Hillyer
Illustration by Ben Hillyer

When Clark Feiser recruits retirees to Natchez, one very big detail is missing from his package.

The community has easy living, great weather, plenty of activities for seniors, local hospitals and gorgeous views. But sooner or later during the relocation process, a simple inquiry arises — what about housing?

“One of the questions I get asked when someone contacts me … is what kind of retirement communities do you have? And I have to say, ‘To be honest with you, none,’” said Feiser, the director of the Natchez Retiree Partnership.

But that may be changing soon.

Two local developments currently in the planning stages could offer retirees their golden home.

Developer Justin Adcock is planning a new development on Hunters Lane off of Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

The development, Huntington Cove, will be a gated community featuring duplex housing for seniors — 20 units total — that will be maintained for its residents.

Adcock calls the development an “active adult” community.

“We thought an active adult community was appropriate because there really is something between living in your own home and assisted living; there’s a gap there,” he said. “We looked to create a product that would fill that gap.”

Huntington Cove will not offer any medical services but will maintain the units and landscaping, Adcock said.

Submitted image
Submitted image

“You don’t have to worry about cutting the grass or cleaning the gutters,” he said. “If you need a light bulb replaced, we have someone that can do that.”

Construction on the project is planned for completion in the spring.

Adcock hopes the properties will encourage seniors who currently own their own homes but seek to downsize to go ahead and make the move.

“You can go ahead and sell your house while you’re able and get what it’s worth,” he said.

The duplex community, Adcock said, was also created with safety and seniors in mind.

“If somebody falls in their home, and they can’t get up, there’s a better chance of someone hearing them in the unit next door rather than in a house next door,” he said.

The community will also feature a walking trail and pond, as well as bathrooms that are up to code with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Feiser said Huntington Cove will add a very important piece to Natchez’s appeal to seniors.

“As director of the retiree partnership, it’s going to be a godsend,” he said.

A second development — an assisted living facility recently approved by the city — is being built by developer Gayle Evans on John R. Junkin Drive.

Evans also developed the Glenburney Nursing Home and the Adams County Nursing Center on neighboring properties.

The new three-story, 60-unit facility could be an option for retirees whose health has deteriorated, Feiser said.

“(The facility) would be an option on down the road when they can no longer live by themselves,” he said.