Husband and wife bond through hunting

Published 12:01am Sunday, October 6, 2013

NATCHEZ — It is every Southern man’s dream to find a loving and caring woman whom doesn’t mind going out with a rifle and shooting down a deer, and Jared Hall found that in his bride, Ciara.

Jared, a Natchez Native who currently resides in Daughtry, La., married Ciara in 2011.

Though Ciara wasn’t raised a hunter, said she knew the sport would come with a man like Jared.

“Honestly, it was new to me, I got into it once he started taking me,” Ciara said. “I love it because we’re hunting together and enjoying each other’s company.”

Jared said he loves that he can enjoy the outdoors with his wife, and it makes their marriage special.

“I found a winner in my book,” he said. “To find somebody that shares the same passion as you doesn’t happen often.

“It’s a different type of love that other people can’t share because some women don’t like to hunt.”

Jared and Ciara own a waterfowl hunting guide service called Quackhead Outfitters in south Louisiana, and being an avid hunter, he met Redneck Adventures’ Jimmy Allgood and Jeff Netterville and they decided to help each get a full hunting experience.

For the past three years, the Halls would come up to Natchez to deer hunt, and Allgood would come down to Louisiana to shoot ducks at Quackhead Outfitters.

“We love it, it’s relaxing and you guys have what we don’t,” Jared said. “It’s a good getaway, and we get to see stuff that we don’t get to see every day.”

The duo said they are able to create many memories in Natchez

“My wife shot her first deer in Natchez last year, and I shot a buck,” Jared said. “That was definitely memorable to do that.”

The Halls came back to Natchez last week to take another shot at a buck, but they used arrows instead of bullets.

Ciara said the crossbow is a much more complicated weapon than the point-and-aim rifle.

“It takes a lot of time, because the crossbow is new to me,” Ciara said. “I’m definitely going to continue to learn the bow because it’s complicated, and I’ll appreciate the kill more because it’s more work.”

The couple said they plan to teach their two young children, Tristan, 3, and Reese, 4 months, how to hunt because of the character they’ll gain from hunting.

“I’d love to teach my children — it teaches discipline and structure,” Ciara said.