Country better when president exits

Published 12:05am Friday, October 18, 2013

Time. What is time? Time is how we measure our day. Wrong. Time is what we do not have to save our country. Time is precious and so is the United States of America.

So where is the USA? From where I am sitting, we are in a hellhole of disrepair and disgrace.

Governments around the world are looking at us, a supposed world power and leader, and asking themselves are “we supposed to follow them?”

People, wake up! Who did you vote for? These are our leaders who are putting our country to shame. I can almost say without contradiction some of our fifth-grade students can outweigh the decisions Congress has voted on.

It’s very pathetic, we, as Americans, have to abide by their actions.

I am not a revolutionary in the sense we should revolt. What I am saying is it is about time we stood up to Congress, the children that they are, and have a change of venue.

Without resolve, I am very glad this “President” is no longer our “Commander-in-Chief” after this term.

As an ex-military individual, he is no “commander-in-chief.”

Mike Straczuk, Vidalia