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Hunters need to show courtesy

Deer-hunting season is near, something a lot of people look forward to each year, including my husband. I am not one of those people.

Don’t get me wrong. I know the deer population needs to be controlled. While I admire their beauty, I know there needs to be fewer of these creatures who eat up my flowers and vegetables.

The reason I dread the approaching hunting season is for a totally different reason. The deer hunters who flock into the countryside to deer camps show no consideration for the people who live here everyday.

They dump their deer parts on the side of the road on their way back to town. Needless to say, the odor of such parts gets really gross.

My husband and I, trying to go for our morning walk, are grossed out by the smell.

What if I came into the neighborhood where you live, deer hunter, and left a rotting, stinking mess near your driveway? Why must you do this in mine?

The woods are deep where you hunt, so why do you dump your trash on the roadway?

Delores Bland, Church Hill