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Ole Miss vs. LSU game brings Brother Bowl

FERRIDAY — What began as a friendly family feud has evolved into a community event for two Ferriday brothers.

Ronnie Lewis and Jimmy Wilkinson will host their annual Brother Bowl get-together Saturday, where local Ole Miss and LSU fans will be able to enjoy food and live music — in addition to watching the LSU-Ole Miss football game at 6 p.m., of course. Lewis lives at 262 Mimosa Drive.

Lewis, an Ole Miss fan, said he and his brother, an LSU fan, live next to each other and started building “man caves” several years back. The caves are filled with paraphernalia of each brother’s favorite college team, which led to the two forming the Brother Bowl idea, Lewis said.

“We decided instead of arguing about it, we’ll just invite everyone to watch the game,” Lewis said.

Former Ferriday mayor Glen McGlothin will perform with his band, Easy Eddie and the Partyrockers, before the game at 5 p.m., at halftime and after the game. Jambalaya will be served, and Lewis said he’s expecting more than 200 guests.

Though there will be a lot of opposing fans in attendance, Lewis said he’s never had any problems with people getting too rowdy.

“There’s some trash talk,” Lewis said. “Every time LSU scores, they shoot a cannon. This year, I’m going to do a siren when Ole Miss scores. I do hire cops to act as security guards, but that’s strictly in case someone drinks too much and is driving home.”

The event is open to the public. For more information, call 318-758-5747.