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Spotlight deserved for true doers

Recognition is a funny thing. Some people seek it out vociferously, while others seem to almost shun it.

It’s the latter group of people who are the ones who truly make a huge difference in the world.

These people are the doers, not the talkers. They see a problem and move into action. In short, these folks often work hard to help others.

Each year, the local business community honors a group of just those sorts of people through the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards program.

Tuesday night’s crop of recipients was a group of individuals and businesses that certainly deserve the praise and honor bestowed upon them.

Starting with the 2013 Natchezian Man of the Year award winner, James Biglane, all recipients are deserving of praise, even if they shun publicity. Biglane and the employees of the bank he founded are literally involved in practically every event and fundraiser in the community.

Sarah Smith, winner of the Natchezian Woman of the Year award, has helped drive many community projects and causes.

Large business of the year, Delta Bank, is a perfect example of a business with a regional mindset. Like a number of businesses, Delta Bank doesn’t view the fact that it’s located in Louisiana as a reason not to be involved in any worthy cause in Mississippi.

Last but not least, Fat Mama’s Tamales certainly has earned the chamber’s small business of the year award. A truly family business, Fat Mama’s consistently says, “Sure” and “We can do that,” when community groups seek their help.

All of the recipients are reminders to us all that when we see a problem in the community, we should do what we can to solve it. Congratulations to all the winners and to the chamber for being the voice of business in the community.