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Minister readies for community change

I am the honorable Minister Muhammad Al Waalee, leader of Human Suffering all across the South, Muslims of The Nation of Islam, who have come back home to help make difference for change in the Miss-Lou.

At 6 p.m. Saturday at 45 Brenham Ave., at Comeout Of The Darkness Ministries, Brother Freeman Reason and I will hold an event with the theme, “Stop the Killing and Drugs with Jesus Christ Saves.”

I also have a master economic development million-dollar plan that can help our youth, homeless, gangs, drug dealers and drug users.

I have been put on a mission from God to return back to preach.

It’s been more than 27 years, and I have been blessed with a vision from God to help make a difference in the Miss-Lou to clean up the communities and get the youth, homeless, drug dealers and drug users off the streets.

This is why we want everyone to help this message, which is a healing message that can change lives, put you close to God and prepare you for his kingdom.

It’s a message to end crime and put us close together. I ask that all ministers, Adams County government leaders and business owners come hear it. It’s about atonement and a holy day for change.


Muhammad Al Waalee