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Safety advised in Miss-Lou

NATCHEZ — The Adams County Sheriff’s Office urges extra vigilance as the holidays approach, when an uptick in robberies and burglaries are expected.

“This is the time of year when we see more robberies and burglaries,” Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said. “Be very careful and watchful when closing your businesses, especially at night. It’s a good idea for someone else to be there with you, if possible.”

Two recent armed robberies are still under investigation, Mayfield said, and the ACSO plans to make arrests shortly.

The most recent armed robbery saw three men dressed in black enter Hill’s Food and Fuel on U.S. 61 South at 8:45 p.m. Oct. 31, holding three employees at gunpoint before taking $200 from the cash register and firing a shot.

In late September, two men held up a clerk at Kaiser’s Mobil Mart on U.S. 61 North and took approximately $800. The sheriff said business owners should make sure exits and parking areas are well lit, and said shoppers should park in areas with an abundance of light, should keep their keys in hand and try not to shop alone.

“The more careful you are, the better your chances are of being safe,” Mayfield said says. “Never hesitate to call the sheriff’s office if you feel the slightest bit afraid, no matter where you are in the county. That’s what we are here for, public safety.”