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Benefits from film could be big for Natchez

Could Natchez become the next Hollywood? It’s a question that bubbles up lately in conversations or at least in quick fleeting thoughts since the town is abuzz with filmmakers.

The film “Get On Up” began production last week in Jefferson County, just north of Natchez.

Crews are working to get several Natchez locations prepared for filming later this month and into December.

The film, featuring the life of the late singer James Brown, is expected to have a sizable economic impact on the Natchez area.

Why the film came to Natchez is a combination of fate and a Mississippian who wants to make a difference in his home state.

Director Tate Taylor, who now lives in nearby Churchill, says Natchez was the perfect fit for the film because it contains locations that will provide the correct look to match the timeframes depicted in the film.

When a similar film, “The Help,” also directed by Taylor came to the city of Greenwood a few years ago, local economic experts believe the impact was approximately $13 million pumped into the local economy.

Natchez may see a similar benefit from the current production. Ahead of that, we should all say, “Thanks” to the film crew and show them the hospitality for which Natchez is known.

With any luck, this film could be the first of many to come in the next few years.