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Love is answer for more ignorance

Around 6:30 p.m. Oct. 30, my friend and I were sitting at the bus barn parking lot, where the buses are kept. While my friend and I were talking, a white pick-up truck slowed down, rolled down a window, and yelled the N word and sped away. I noticed two young white males were in the truck. This blew me away.

This incident took me way back to the old days when black people could not sit out and talk because they would be called the N word or even killed.

These young white men were carrying out the same racism as their parents and grandparents did in the 1960s. We of the black race are still being called the N word and we are still being discriminated.

Our young black men are prime examples. They are racially profiled when it comes to the war on drugs. More young black men are arrested for drugs than whites. In the United States, two million men are locked up in prison. Eighty percent are young black men that are small level drug offenders.

Mississippi is still behind time because racism has been passed on to the next generation. For these young men to ride into an all-black area in town and say what they said is deplorable. And if they had the chance, they would have taken it further.

God sees it all. And, one thing for sure, it will come up again on Judgment Day when these young men will come before Almighty God. I suggest they repent and ask God for forgiveness. It is now time for people of all races to come together and love one another.


Clarence Anderson