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Vidalia aldermen give city budget boost

VIDALIA — The Vidalia Board of Aldermen amended the city’s budget Tuesday in light of a $200,000 increase in the approximately $35 million budget.

City accountant Ashley Anderson said the increase is mostly attributed to grants, one-time expenditures for departments and across-the-board raises that were given to city employees after the fiscal year began July 1.

Anderson said the raises ranged from 3 to 5 percent.

The city’s budgeted revenue increased from $35.3 million to $35.6 million, and the city’s budgeted expenditures went up from $35.3 million to $35.8 million.

Included in the increase was $50,000 for the Vidalia Fire Department for a truck and other equipment, Anderson said, as well as expenditures for other departments.

General revenue increased $47,000, Anderson said, because of grants the city has received.

Anderson said the increases were “immaterial” considering the city’s budget is approximately $35 million.

The amendment made to the budget came after the first-quarter of the budget, Mayor Hyram Copeland said. The city will continue to review its budget and give updates to the board quarterly so amendments can be made as necessary.

Copeland emphasized that although Vidalia’s budget is $35 million, much of the budget is grants, which Copeland said he is thankful the city has received.

In other news from the meeting:

4 The board approved occupational licenses for The Butt Hutt barbecue restaurant at 1100 Carter St., Dats A Wrap at 801 Carter St. and Waterfront Custom Homes at 1034 Alabama St.