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Elevance announces new product lines

NATCHEZ — Elevance Renewable Sciences announced Wednesday the commercial launch of new product lines that could eventually have an impact in Natchez.

Elevance committed in 2011 to bringing 165 jobs to Adams County, and in October said construction at its biorefinery at the Natchez-Adams County Port will begin ramping up this year and into 2014.

The product lines announced Wednesday, Elevance Smooth, is a line of plant-based, multi-functional polymers and Elevance Soft, a line of plant-based emoilents, will have a number of uses in personal care applications, including skin, hair and cosmetic products.

A company spokesperson said the products will initially be produced at other facilities but could be produced in Natchez.

Other products connected with those lines that have not yet been launched, however, “will have a more direct connection to Natchez operations,” the spokesperson said.

Elevance’s senior vice president for consumer and industrial ingredients, Andy Corr, said one of the most important attributes of the products is their ease of use in a wide range of formulations.

“We’re looking forward to introducing additions to the Smooth and Soft product lines as well as additional product families of bio-based commercial solutions that provide personal care customers with high-performance products for their skin, hair and cosmetic applications,” he said

The products Elevance makes at its biorefineries in Natchez and Gresick, Indonesia, will include olefins and oleochemicals that can be used in personal care products, detergents and cleaners, lubricants and additives, engineered polymers and other things.

The Natchez location will manufacture novel specialty chemicals, including multifunctional esters such as 9-decenoic methyl ester, a unique distribution of bio-based alpha and internal olefins, including decene and a premium mixture of oleochemicals.

The Natchez biorefinery will operate using canola or soybean oil.