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Forum offers residents a chance to ask

Sweeping federal legislation intended to provide health care insurance coverage for millions more Americans has caused massive confusion, frustration and, quite frankly, even anger since it was signed into law three years ago.

Few, if any, of us like change.

But start changing something that affects our pocketbooks or determines who we can go see for medical care, and the gloves get ripped off quickly.

The challenge, however, in such situations is separating fact from fiction, logic from emotion.

If the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, confuses you — and that pretty much includes almost all of us — then tonight’s forum at the Natchez City Auditorium could be a perfect solution.

From 5 to 7 p.m., federal, state and local experts will be on hand to answer questions and try to help citizens a better understanding about the complex health care law.

If everyone who has a question about the law comes with an open mind and a calm voice, some good information may be exchanged at the forum.

Sharing good information about the health care law can do nothing but good for all of us. Even if we don’t agree with the law and may not like the answers to our questions, at least we all might begin to get our hands and heads around the changes.

We encourage citizens with questions to attend and get involved.