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Block Bears readies for Round 2

Jonesville — Posting a six-game winning streak that has led Block High School into a potential deep play off run doesn’t give the Bears any breathing room.

Block head coach Benny Vault Jr. said his players are steadily improving, and they have to want to keep getting better if they want a championship.

“In order to keep playing, they have to rise to another level,” Vault said. “They’re not satisfied with where they are.”

Quarterback Trevor Vault has been exceptional for the Bears, and coach Vault said it has to do with more than the numbers he has been putting up.

“We’ve been averaging about 400 yards a game with him at quarterback,” he said. “He just commands the offense really well. His leadership helps every position.”

The defense has been showing up tremendously, only allowing seven points against South Cameron High School last week.

Vault said his players have caused at least one interception in the past several games and he’s looking for them to continue their aggression against Point Coupee Central High School Friday.

Though Vault is looking for his seniors to continue to dominate on the field, this week will rely on more than yards and touchdowns.

Not only will the players have to rise to the challenge of beating an athletic Point Coupee Central team, but the coaches have to be on their A-game as well.

“It’s a matter of putting a scheme together,” Vault said. “This week is a little bit more on the coaches to put them in the right position to do what they do. I don’t worry about it, because our coaches pay attention to detail, so I’m confident in them.”

The Bears will host Point Coupee Central at 7 p.m. Friday.