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Thanks to everyone from Stewpot

Everyone at Stewpot, those who give and those who receive, wish to thank you for your participation and support.

Thanks to those who give their time, those who give food, those who give supplies and those who give money.

The Stewpot needs you during this Thanksgiving/Christmas season to continue helping us to feed those in need.

Always after the summer our “on the shelf” food items are low, and money in our checking account has reached a low point.

We depend on you to keep us going.

Who are the people who receive meals from Stewpot? They are those who, because of illness, handicaps, age, etc., do not have the means to secure or prepare their own meals.

Most live alone in sub-standard housing or low-rent apartments.

Many are served by home health agencies that refer many to us, in addition to those from nursing homes and hospitals who are also referred.

Stewpot prepares and serves between 250 and 300 meals every day of the year. Thanks to your gifts, once again, we will serve holiday meals with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Very special people make this possible.

Meals are served on site and delivered to shut-ins. The criteria for service are to give meals to those who cannot prepare their own meals even if they have the ingredients.

In addition to our kitchen staff, mostly volunteers, thanks goes to many who help prepare, dish up and serve to those who eat in our dining room, as well as to package take-out meals.

Volunteers who deliver meals are very special people who receive thanks and blessing from those they serve.

These volunteers get to know and help the people to whom they deliver meals.

Often, they are the only ones seen daily by these lonely people who anxiously await their arrival.

The meal deliverers who go above and beyond help with whatever else they can — take individuals to doctors, keep pets when someone is in the hospital, do minor household chores, shop, be a friend, etc.

We have Sunday meals because different churches take responsibility to serve one Sunday once a month. On fifth Sundays, an Alcorn nursing group fills the unction. Stewpot is indeed a community and ecumenical operation.

Thanks to all of you who make this worth and necessary mission possible.

Stewpot is comprised entirely on what is given locally — money, food, supplies, equipment, etc.

Even though costs are kept as low as possible, we still have expenses.

We purchase food from Mississippi Food Network and locally both wholesale and retail. In addition to labor costs, we have to pay monthly utilities, trash pick up, telephone bills, maintenance and repair costs as needed.

Our total cost is about 80 cents per meal. This cost goes up every year.

Those of you who contribute are essential.

Contributors include individuals, churches, organizations, special groups who on their won collect non-perishable food items and groups that have fund raising events.

There are too many contributors to itemize.

Special thanks, however, to Hicks Distributors, Hunters for the Hungry, Dunn’s Deer Market, which will directly process deer meat.

We must also thank Empty Bowls and the Postal Employees Union for projects for their contributions.

Stewpot is worthy of your support. Food items can be taken to Stewpot, 69 E. Franklin St., between 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Checks can be mailed to Stewpot P.O. Box 298, Natchez MS 39121. For more information, call 601-442-9413.

Stewpot gives thanks to God and to you as it continues its mission to those who otherwise would not have daily meals.

We give blessings to those who give time, food and money and to those who receive our meals.


Louis Gunning is the director of Stewpot.