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Tate Taylor celebrated in Adams County

On behalf of the Adams County Mississippi Board of Supervisors and the more than 30,000 residents that we represent, we take this opportunity to say, “Thank You” Tate Taylor for selecting Natchez-Adams County for the James Brown film “Get On Up.”

Several months ago when I met with Tate, he informed me that he was seriously thinking about filming this movie in Natchez-Adams County.

I excitedly responded, “We will do everything we can to help you if you select our community,” and we are thrilled that he selected us.

This endeavor has sparked an economic boost to our community by employing local people, local purchasing, utilization of local property, along with a plethora of other benefits.

All of the production staff and crewmembers are extremely friendly people. They have helped to enhance the aesthetics of various parcels of property. We are very happy to host them.

The Board of Supervisors in a regular meeting adopted a resolution, which reads in part:

The film industry promotes economic development within Adams County and the City of Natchez by filling hotel rooms, restaurants and other local businesses; by utilizing businesses and residential locations for shooting; by providing production assistant jobs and positions for local residents; and in many other good and valuable ways.

Tate Taylor is an internationally acclaimed actor, screenwriter, film producer and director who has chosen to reside and film within the Miss-Lou over virtually any other location throughout the United States; and Tate Taylor deeply aspires to create a unique and desirable location for the entire film industry out of the City of Natchez, Adams County, the Miss-Lou, as well as the whole State of Mississippi.

Tate Taylor has tirelessly labored and coordinated between a myriad of differing interests within this community to successfully bring the film “Get On Up” to Adams County, which will cause a minimum of 7,000 paychecks to be issued in this community.

The Board of Supervisors wishes to recognize Tate Taylor for his tremendous and dedicated effort to the Miss-Lou.

Nov. 5, 2013, shall be forever known as “Tate Taylor Day” throughout Adams County, Mississippi.

Again, we say thanks to all who have played a role in the filming of “Get On Up.” We welcome you back to our community. God bless.


Darryl Grennell is an Adams County is District 4 supervisor and board president.