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Wilkinson County looking to make history

Woodville — The Wilkinson County High School Wildcats are trying to venture into unchartered waters, as they will compete today to get to the South State championship for the first time in the school’s history.

The Wildcats have Seminary High School next, and head coach Kenneth Brown said their toughest opponent wouldn’t necessarily be the Bulldogs, but their ghost.

“They’re more of a double-wing team, they do other things, but that’s their main offense,” Brown said. “We just can’t get lost in the misdirection, we can’t chase their ghost.”

A team with a lot of trickery to their offense can be a hassle for a defense if it doesn’t have the right discipline.

“It’s an offense we’re familiar with, but with high school players they can easily be misled,” Brown explained.

Seminary beat Franklin County High School in the first round of the playoffs 45-43 and Brown has studied their capabilities since that win.

Brown has buckled down on his team’s focus and discipline this week. He said it is imperative that his players have their eyes locked on their targets and succumb to the many tricks Seminary may pull out of its’ hat.

“We’ve been working on getting them to see what’s really happening and maintaining discipline,” Brown said.

Offensively, Brown will continue to rely on his key players to make things happen like they have all season long.

“We just have to try to maintain consistency, we feel like we can move the ball and throw the ball well,” he said. “I feel like we can be successful, but we have to do what we’re supposed to do. We have to play with high intensity.”

Wilkinson County faces Seminary in the MHSAA Class 3A South State Playoffs Semifinal Round at 7 p.m. at home.