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Pack the Pickup helps feed Stewpot

Never accuse the Adams County Board of Supervisors of sitting on their hands and doing nothing when people have a real need.

Last week supervisors and other county employees teamed up to solicit donations for the Natchez Stewpot, a non-profit organization that provides hot meals to those in need.

Supervisors dubbed the event “Pack the Pickup,” the brainchild of Supervisor Mike Lazarus who saw something similar on TV recently.

At the end of the day, county residents responded to the county’s leadership and generated approximately $7,000 in groceries for the Stewpot and more than $600 in cash donations.

Supervisors tapped into something quite special in the Miss-Lou — people who care for one another.

Sure, we’ll all argue over rival SEC teams or high school allegiances, but in the end when people here are in need, our residents respond.

Stewpot Director Louis Gunning estimated the effort will allow the kitchen to continue serving for a few more months, which is great news for those who depend upon the Stewpot and proof that a little bit of work can go a long way, particularly when people see the need.

The county’s pickup has been packed, but sadly, stomachs grow empty quickly, so generosity is constantly needed.

Come on City of Natchez, can you outdo Adams County and “Pack a Pickup” — or several?