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‘Get On Up’ movie to be missed in area

Sometime today the phrase, “It’s a wrap,” may be uttered in Natchez. When the phrase is said, it will mark the end to another chapter in Natchez’s storied history.

Production of the film about the life of singer James Brown is scheduled to wrap up its Natchez segment today. Film work is expected to pick back up after the holidays, but will do so in the Jackson area.

No one knows how big of a hit the film titled, “Get On Up,” will be at the box office.

We can, however, say it’s been an overwhelming hit in the hearts of Natchez residents who have come in contact with the film’s creators.

Dozens and dozens of local residents have become endeared to the film either through brushes with some of the celebrities involved or by participating as a celebrity themselves through serving as extras on the set.

Many residents have simply watched with interest from afar wondering where the film trucks will pop up next.

Crews have literally been all over Natchez, from a former brothel to Dunleith and many points in between.

The fun will be over now, but perhaps the experience will encourage more filmmakers to realize how much rich scenery exists in our community and bring more film productions to the area.

The film has provided a substantial economic boost to the city’s economy that was greatly appreciated and will be sorely missed. It’s truly a very good, very green industry to have in the community.

As the city says farewell to the film crews, we collectively say a hearty, “Thank you” for what you’ve all done for Natchez. We hope you’ll be back soon.