Linden begins Christmas tradition

Published 12:05am Sunday, December 22, 2013

Whether you are a resident or a visitor in our town and have no special plans or any family to visit Christmas day, come spend an old fashion Christmas at Linden, circa 1790.

The Conner-Feltus family has lived at Linden since 1849.

Linden has an outstanding collection of Federal furnishings, and its front doorway was copied for Tara in “Gone With the Wind.”

We hope the Christmas decorations will put you in a joyous mood for the day.

The day begins at 10 a.m. with a rousing Cajun Santa gift exchange around the Christmas tree (a festive game of gift exchange where you can keep your gift or steal a gift from a prior person that has opened a gift).

Everyone will need to bring a wrapped gift valued at $5 or less to participate.

Morning libations will be served prior to brunch.

The afternoon can be enjoyed by playing games (cards, dominoes and board games), watching football, sightseeing or just relaxing on Linden’s spacious galleries.

Snacks will be available during the afternoon. The evening brings appetizers at 5:30 p.m. and a seated dinner in Linden’s formal dining room.

If you just wish to participate in the morning festivities, the cost is $40 and a wrapped gift per person.

Afternoon relaxing, evening appetizers and dinner cost is $60 per person and to enjoy the entire day is $100 plus a gift per person.

Linden is providing this event on Christmas Day because most of everything is closed.

Come make new friends and be a part of a special family as we celebrate Christmas in the old fashioned way. All prices are per person.

The brunch menu includes Eggs Benedict, Sweet potato hash browns and Grits au Gratin. The dinner menu includes salad, prime rib, baked potato, Southern quash, Brussels sprouts and lemon and pecan tarts. Limited seating is by reservations only. Call 601-445-5472 or email

 Jeanette Feltus operates Linden Bed & Breakfast.