Caring community shines through snow

Published 12:06am Thursday, January 30, 2014

The past couple of days of snow and ice have caused some major disruptions in our otherwise normal way of life here in the Deep South.

Businesses and schools have been forced to close in an effort to keep as many people off the roads as possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our children and, judging from the many social media and newspaper photos, some braver adults than I have been enjoying the snow covered hills on their make shift sleds.

Thank you to The Natchez Democrat photographers for the beautiful pictures you have been sharing of the snow, and I hope all have been able to balance both the fun and the inconvenience the snow has provided our area.

With that said, in the hospital business, as with other essential services offered by our law enforcement, fire departments and ambulance services to name a few, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While we also did our part to keep our employees safe at home; we had nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists, food services employees and many other employees who were needed around the clock to ensure the safety and well being of our patients.

I want to publicly thank the Adams County Sheriff’s Office for assisting our employees in getting to and from work safely these past two days.

Your assistance helped ensure the safety of both our employees and patients, and we are forever grateful for your help. Also, to our employees who braved the elements and made arrangements to stay closer to the hospital, or actually spent the night in the hospital so they could be at work for their next shift, thank you for the dedication, commitment and compassion you showed for your patients and your profession.

I am honored to be a part of this caring community and will look back with pride at the teamwork demonstrated by all in the January 2014 Miss-Lou snow days!


Donny Rentfro

Natchez Regional Medical Center

Chief Executive Officer