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Hailstorm could come in golf balls

NATCHEZ — The threat of severe weather late tonight might include golf-ball sized hail.

A warm front pushing north from the coast today is expected to meet a string of scattered thunderstorms from the north, breaking out late tonight and into Sunday morning, National Weather Service meteorologist Brad Bryant said

“It won’t have a lot of potential for gusty winds or tornadoes,” he said. “The main threat is going to be from hail. It could be as large as golf-ball size. That would probably be on the maximum end, worst case scenario.”

Nickel- to quarter-size hail is more likely, Bryant said.

“The risk is mainly confined south of Interstate 20,” Bryant said. “That definitely includes (the Adams County area).”

The hailstorm is expected to impact the region late tonight and up to daybreak Sunday.

“There will probably be some scattered thunderstorms,” Bryant said. “There will probably be some areas of showers without thunderstorms. I don’t think it will be an extremely solid rain band that comes overhead. I think it will be a lot of scattered showers and storms.”