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Courtroom security aided by detector

An unfortunate truth is that if and when a criminal wants to harm someone, if the criminal is smart and patient, he can usually figure out a way to do so — no matter the level of preventative security.

While it’s impossible to make our world 100-percent safe from random acts of violence, that fact doesn’t mean we should all just roll over and accept that we’ll eventually be victims.

In fact, the threats should simply cause us to be a bit more cautious and on-guard in the areas in which tensions are heightened and threats are more likely.

One of the highest-threat areas in life is in courtrooms where stakes are high and emotions close to the surface.

That’s why we applaud the latest move by Natchez Police Department leaders in working to bolster security at the Natchez Municipal Court.

A new metal detector is being installed to allow NPD officers to screen people coming into municipal court, which should provide at least a bit more security for court workers, judges and others in attendance at court proceedings.

Having virtually no security at the court is a huge potential threat. The metal detector, like any such tool, is only a useful deterrent if it’s used.

We urge NPD to use the new security measures diligently and not allow the lack of an incident to lower their guard casually over time.