Courthouse records: Feb. 21-27, 2014

Published 12:10am Monday, March 3, 2014

Adams County

Feb. 21-27

Civil suits filed

Estate of Oliver Kenneth Carr.

DHS — Fredrick M. Brown.

DHS — Christopher Higginbotham.

DHS — Jesse Hunt.

DHS — Anthony White.

DHS — Keimon Brice.

Estate of F. Clark Douglas.

Estate of James Francis Ware.

Estate of Ralph Cameron Lovitt.

Divorces filed:

Charles William Crosby Jr. and Tiffany Winborn Goodman Crosby. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

William Louis Jones Jr. and Stephanie Swalm Jones. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Matthew Holt Isbell and Amber Lanae Bunch Isbell. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Marriage license applications:

Casey Desha Smalley, 24, West Monroe, La. to Lauren Michelle Rosales, 26, West Monroe, La.

Rickey Cardell McGruder Sr., 50, Natchez to Angela Squalls Williams, 48, Natchez.

Sidney Ray Key, 61, Natchez to Margaret F. Green, 55, Natchez.

Eric Braden Anders, 29, Natchez to Mary Kristen Cupit, 25, Vidalia, La.

Brandon Jacob Welch, 25, Natchez to Lacey Jaye Hamilton, 23, Vidalia, La.

Lydell John Page III, 28, Natchez to Latoya Chantay Glover, 29, Houston, Texas.

Deed transactions:

Neely Ward to Eric Braden Anders, lot 13 Westover Heights Subdivision, Second Development.

J.D.L. Builders, L.L.C. to Brian Alan Lees and Juanita Forrester Lees, a 0.78 acre portion of Forest Plantation.

Edmonson’s Motor Parts & Supply Company, Inc. to Bryant E. Wilson Sr., land commence at an iron pin at the northeast corner of Orange Avenue and East Franklin Street.

Jack Bell to Joseph Bequette, lot 16 of Block No. C Roselawn Homes Subdivision.

Johnny Ray Jackson to Edward Bacon and Debrah Givens, lot 9 Lincoln Heights Subdivision.

Katherine T. Calvin to Patricia T. Johnson, lot 106 of the Buckner Lots.

Dickie W. New to Linda L. Herrington, lot 4 of a subdivision of a portion of Dunkerron (First Development).

Albert H. Smith and Gladys Smith to David A. Brewer and Janet W. Brewer, lot 13 East Meadow Subdivision.

Charlie W. Smith and Rose Marie Z. Smith, being one and the same person as Rose Z. Smith, to Chelsi B. Smith, lot 11 of the division of Kilmarnock Plantation.

John M. McBride to Michael W. McCalip, lot 101 Montebello Subdivision.

James M. Biglane, Denton Biglane, Thorton Russell Nobile, Douglas Robert Nobile and Barrett Andrew Nobile to Kevin L. Wilson, lot 29 Glenwood Subdivision.


Eric Braden Anders to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 13 Westover Heights Subdivision, Second Development.

Brian Alan Lees and Juanita Forrester Lees to The Highlands Bank, a 0.78 acre portion of Forest Plantation.

RAE, LLC to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, a 0.95 acre portion of Somerset Plantation.

Larry M. Jamison and Sherry Lynn Jamison to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 9 Travelers Rest Subdivision, Second Development.

Frank Pennington Jr. to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 67 Brooklyn Subdivision.

Michael L. Ratliff and Vicky L. Ratliff to Quicken Loans, Inc., lot 14 Highland Park Subdivision, Third Development.

Linda L. Herrington to Guaranty Trust Company, lot 4 of a subdivision of a portion of Dunkerron (First Development).

Jennifer Paradise Slover and Scott F. Slover to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 30 Glenwood Subdivision.

Robert T. Greene and Neely Ward Greene to United Mississippi Bank, a 2.87 acre portion of lot 14 White Apple Village Subdivision.


Calvin Harris and Audrey C. Harris to Mississippi Telco Federal Credit Union, land beginning on the easterly right-of-way line of Martin Luther King Jr. Road.

Richard A. Edgin Jr. to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, a 5.10 acre portion of Somerset Plantation.

Diane Holland Henderson to Britton & Koontz Bank, lots 16 and 17 Cloverdale Subdivision.

Rudolph V. Minor and Pamela H. Minor to Britton & Koontz Bank, a 2.09 acre portion of lots 24 and 25, Division of Morgantown.

Van C. Voss and Jennifer P. Voss to Britton & Koontz Bank, that 4.16 acre tract, portion of lot 3 Solitary Valley Plantation.

Glynn D. Adams to United Mississippi Bank, lots 32 and 33 Bakers Division.

Dave York Jr. and Rose R. York to United Mississippi Bank, lot 25 LaGrange Heights Subdivision.

Concordia Parish

Feb. 21-27

Civil suits filed

CFG Specialty, Inc. v. Big River Oil Field Services, LLC.

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services v. Brannon Stevens.

Succession of Bob L. Morales.

Midland Funding, LLC v. James Blaney.

Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Jawanda Green.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Daniel L. Baxter.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Melissa M. Baxter.

In Re: Mary Garner.

Succession of Elizabeth Ann Deseta Boothe.

Divorces filed:

Dan M. Renfro v. Lora H. Renfro.

Burl Edwin Milam v. Judy Ann Rainey McLain Milam.

Elmer H. Nelson Jr. v. Lori Nelson.

Marriage license applications:

Robert Jason Loyd, 32, Ferriday to Jerica Lashane Harris, 25, Ferriday.

Deed transactions:

John Bishop, LLC to Whitelake Enterprises, Inc., lot 13 Cocodrie Bend Subdivision.

Julius Taylor et al. to Melissa Spencer, lot 8 in Block 99 of Subdivision of No. 2 Vidalia Plantation.


Lakeland Planting Company to Delta Bank, a 9.00 acre tract being a portion of lots 1 and 3 of the Town of Ferriday Industrial Park.

Jayson Nawadny et al. to Wells Fargo Bank, lot 5, Block 130, Subdivision of a parcel of Carters Plantation.

Ruth Shumway Powers to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 2-A and a portion of lot 3-A in Block No. 121 Murray Addition.

Acklin A. Bourque Jr. et al. to Bank of America, lot 8 of the Black River Lake Patsy Brown Road Lots Subdivision.