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Natchez High School girls win Class 5A state championship

The Natchez Democrat
The Natchez Democrat

UPDATE: End of first quarter: Natchez 11, South Jones, 12

UPDATE: 2:22 left in the first half: Natchez 15, South Jones, 20

UPDATE: At the end of the first half, Natchez 19, South Jones 22

The Natchez High School girls came out strong on the court scoring only 11 points in the first eight minutes against an aggressive South Jones team.

The Lady Bulldogs’ nerves and the Lady Braves defense continued as Natchez managed only eight points in the second quarter.

Natchez does lead the rebounding battle 23-17.

As the team broke for halftime, NHS Principal Fred Butcher said he knew head coach Alphaka Moore could always get them to the championship game.

“In two quick seasons, Coach Moore has united our players and community and school as well,” Butcher told television audiences. “We know that we’ve always had talent in Natchez, it was just making sure that talent came together at the right place and right time.”

Moore said she knew her players came out with a few too many nerves to play comfortable, confident basketball.

“I think there were a few jitters in the first half, but we’ve calmed down, and the girls are ready to play, Moore said. “I think we’re ready to go.”

UPDATE: 1:39 left in third quarter: Natchez 34, South Jones, 34

UPDATE: 23.8 left in the third quarter: Natchez 37, South Jones 38

UPDATE: End of third quarter: Natchez 37, South Jones 38

UPDATE: 6:18 left in second half: Natchez 42, South Jones 40

UPDATE: 3:54 left in second half: Natchez 46, South Jones 47

UPDATE: 2:38 left in second half: Natchez 48, South Jones 49

UPDATE: 1:15 left in second half: Natchez 50, South Jones 51

UPDATE: 34.2 left in game: Natchez 52, South Jones 51

UPDATE: 9.1 left in game: Natchez 53, South Jones 51

UPDATE: Final score Natchez 54, South Jones 51