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Cathedral baseball offers live coverage

NATCHEZ — The Cathedral High School Green Wave baseball and softball teams have found a new way to let their fans and supporters feel like they were at the game from afar.

Tom Graning has implemented a new app called iscorecast, which allows people to follow a live baseball game in 3D view with animated characters representing the players.

Graning said the Green Wave ultimately changed from GameChanger because of the high price.

“I heard about iscore and started looking into it,” Graning said. “When you buy that app you can let anyone follow you and it was an inexpensive way to let people stay connected with us.”

The website requires users to have a Customer ID (bf8f224ae8) or go to cathedralgreenwave.com/athletics.

Graning said the more visual app was the way to go for parents, relatives and fans that can’t attend games on a regular basis.

“They can actually go online and watch it (almost like watching a live game),” he said. “You can do it on your phone, your computer or you can be at the game and do it if your have 4G on your phone.”

The website also lets users revisit past Cathedral games and play them live.

When each animated figure comes up to bat, the player the character represents mug shot shows up to the side with the player’s information and season and game statistics.

“You can follow it play by play and it shows where the ball was pitched and where ball went once it’s hit and shows what stats are on the season,” Graning said.

Graning said he is looking forward to using the app for football and basketball season in the future.