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Leaders act like kids over recreation

We’ve all heard the old saying about how no one wants to see how sausage is made, preferring instead just to enjoy the taste.

Most of us have also seen first-hand how painfully slow and inefficient government moves.

Now imagine for a second that government was running a sausage factory. The work inside is already disgusting enough, but now it’s disgusting and unbelievable slow and arduous.

A government-run sausage factory may be the best way to describe how city and county government are handling what would seem a simple thing — join forces on a consolidated city-county recreation plan.

Instead, what we see is bickering about the past and over who will control the dollars. Supervisor Darryl Grennell complained over an issue between city and county government that occurred some 17 years ago, related to the pool at Duncan Park.

It appears that the county wants the city to hand over its entire recreation budget — budgeted at approximately $1 million — but doesn’t want to put up much of its own funds or agree to any capital improvements until a director is hired.

Both have a point. For the city leaders, they’re effectively handing over the city’s recreation dollars to a volunteer board — a board with no paid director and no clear plan at the moment — while the county is committed to only a fraction of the city’s funding.

At this point, can the elected board members put on their big boy and big girl pants and act like adults long enough to find a compromise that works for all? Remember, recreation shouldn’t be for the adults living today, but for the youth of tomorrow.

Let’s end the slow, bickering sausage grinding and get something done.