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Sojourner’s ‘No’ eliminates benefit

Natchez is not going to get the funding for Margaret Martin, and it appears the blame lies with our Senator Melanie Sojourner.

The State of Mississippi, like every other governmental agency in the country, borrows money. Borrowing is not bad. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary.

Almost 70 percent of families in America own their own houses, but only because we are able to borrow money to buy them.

The key to fiscal responsibility, for governments and for families, is not to avoid borrowing, but to make sure we have the income to make the payments.

Every year, the Mississippi Legislature determines how much it can afford to borrow, and then tries to allocate the proceeds where it is needed most. When it came time to vote on the State’s borrowing, Senator Sojourner said NO.

That’s fine, but she doesn’t then get to benefit from the borrowing.

Suppose a group of friends decided to buy a vacation house, and one friend refused to participate in the loan. Now suppose that person wants to be able to use the house.

I imagine the rest of the group will tell her to forget it. That’s exactly what Senator Sojourner did, and Lt. Governor Reeves handled the situation appropriately.

The Lt. Governor certainly did not abuse his power as charged by Virginia O’Beirne in the April 4 edition of The Natchez Democrat. No, it’s the Senator who behaved irresponsibly.

Now it’s a shame that Natchez has to suffer for the Senator’s childish behavior. She should have thought about the effects of her decision. Hopefully, Natchezians will remember this next year when the Senator asks for our vote.


Casey Ann Hughes