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Join us for an inspirational training

In our 2014 membership training institute, we are focusing on “Equipping the saints to be suitable for the Master’s use,” (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

This institute is the place where scriptural and spiritual learning equips one to move forward in Christian growth, aiming to know Christ better as a body of believers and to conform to His image.

There are at least five distinct purposes of the church: worship, witness, education, ministry and appreciation.

This year we are focusing upon Christian education of which the most important word is “teach.”

Teaching is quite important. Jesus was a teacher, and He is our role model.

An old saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

How well that saying fits into the vision for the Greater Mt. Bethel Baptist Church and the churches of our community.

We desire that the membership of Greater Mt. Bethel and the community churches as well as the correct teaching and training that will aid in their growth process, their becoming stronger in the faith and using this teaching and training as a catalyst to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in a more effective manner.

A group of elephants traveling together can go farther and longer than one by itself, because of teamwork.

This institute is a combined effort of teamwork with Barbara Spears and Kathie Clark of the New Hope Baptist Church of New Orleans serving as the adult class teachers and the Reverend Al Jay Thompson III of Faith For Life Church in Jackson heralding the word of God each night.

The Institute is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. May 5 through 7 at the Greater Mt. Bethel Baptist Church, 14 Parkway Drive, Stanton, were the Rev. Johnny Elery is pastor.

There is a treasure of blessings to be had.

One will find that “Equipping the saints to be suitable for the Master’s use” is the will of God for this day.


Bertha Gilmore is director of Christian education at Greater Mt. Bethel Baptist Church.