Tennis director looking for donations

Published 12:01am Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NATCHEZ — Duncan Park tennis center director Henry Harris will be heading to Biloxi this weekend, and he would like to take several Natchez businesses along with him.

Harris will be volunteering at the Special Olympics’ state summer games Saturday at Keesler Air Force Base, and he wants Natchez to help him revive the tennis program.

“Years ago, the Special Olympics had a tennis program, but when I left and went out of state, it sort of died,” Harris said. “But the state offices want to start a tennis program again and they have asked me to be the director, which is a volunteer job.”

Harris’ first step to getting notoriety about tennis in Natchez to the public is by simply putting the city’s name out there.

And Harris said he wants to do it the fun way, but would need help from Natchez businesses.

“I want to take down as much stuff as I can from business from Natchez and do a ‘fun court,’” Harris said. “A ‘fun court’ is when you put a bunch of stuff all on the court and the kids either throw or hit a ball (out to the court) and whatever the ball lands on, they get to keep.

“I’m hoping to get enough stuff from businesses here in Natchez that I can take down (for the activity) and represent Natchez because that’s what I love to do.”

Harris said he is looking for items from hats to key chains, to pens and notepads — as long as it has the businesses’ name and Natchez labeled.

Harris said anyone who has items to donate for the Special Olympics could bring it by the Duncan Park tennis center or call Harris at 601-442-1584 before Friday.