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Hear, read inspirational storytelling

Peter L. Levin, M.D. of Long Beach, will be the guest of Turning Pages Books & More from noon until 3 p.m. today.

While at Turning Pages, Dr. Levin will talk about and sign four books he has authored. Two of the four books will be based on three yearly, month-long tours he spent in Kenya as a medical missionary.

“Ndovu the Elephant—An African Tale” is a book Levin wrote for children. Illustrated by photos Levin took in Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru, two of Kenya’s National Wildlife Parks, “Ndovu the Elephant” is a heartwarming story about Ndovu, a baby elephant who has wandered away from his herd.

The book balances the joy of exploration with the security of home and family. Each animal is given its Swahili name and attitudes typical of his character.

“On a Mission: Medical Care in Rural Kenya”, by Philip Levin is Levin’s answer to the question, “Why would someone choose to be a missionary?”

As Levin discussed on the book’s back cover, it’s not easy, comfortable or inexpensive. “We’re missionaries because helping others brings peace and fulfillment. I return from these missions with a new appreciation of God’s Grace within my life and for all humanity.”

Dr. Levin helped in a small village in the hilly western lands of Kenya near Lake Victoria. Staffed by physician assistants and a few nurses, he was the first doctor to ever step through the doors of their 20-year old hospital.

The rustic, open air, concrete brick structure had no running water, x-ray equipment or surgery, yet met the medical needs of about 10,000 people. Levin fell in love with the bustling happy town of Keumbu, the determined hospital personnel, and the spiritual pastor and his orphanage. He thrived on the adventure of helping the people.

While in Natchez, Levin will sign two more books. “The Mississippi Gulf Coast and Neighboring Sites,” is a collection of essays about the history and tourist attractions across the Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

From Pensacola to the Louisiana border, these 25 articles include features on birding, fishing, museums, townships and memorials. “Rocking Chair and Afternoon Tales: Stories and Poems of Mississippi” contains short stories and poems by 24 authors. They are all set in Mississippi, from the Delta to Natchez, Oxford, Jackson, the Coast, and all points between.

These Mississippi authors produce a unique blend of voices, rich and diverse, with its own unique imagery, grace and eloquence.

One hundred percent of Dr. Levin’s Proceeds from the sale of the two books set in Kenya go to his Missions. Philip Levin is president of the Gulf Coast counties Medical Society, sits on the board of the Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Journal, and is president of the Gulf Coast Writers Association while working full time at Memorial Hospital of Gulfport.

For more information about this event, call 601-442-2299.


Mary Emrick  is the owner of Turning Pages Books & More.