Wishes come true in our community

Published 12:06am Friday, May 9, 2014

Angels do, in fact, walk among us. For proof, just ask Mary Ann Foggo-Eidt — that is if you can catch her attention as she and the amazingly talented staff of Pleasant Acre Day School go whizzing past.

The school, a day treatment program for adults with mental challenges, received a new — at least to them — 14-passenger van with a wheelchair lift.

The anonymous gift was so large that it made Foggo-Eidt a little speechless.

“When they called and told me about the van, I just didn’t know what to say,” she said.

The gifted van was the result of a small story published in The Natchez Democrat in December 2013.

In the story, part of our Season of Wishes series looking at needs of local non-profits, Foggo-Eidt mentioned that she needed something to help some of the aging students more easily travel in the school’s older van.

She envisioned some steps or something simple. What she got was an outpouring of anonymous love.

Donors read the article and decided that something needed to be done. They called Natchez Ford and asked for help locating a suitable replacement van.

In no time the angels’ work was rolling into Natchez.

Foggo-Eidt said the entire process reminded her of something important.

“It made me realize that there really are angels out there flying around.”

Those generous angels are among the many things that make our community so special. We offer our sincere “thanks” to those angels and the countless others that go unrecognized day in and day out.