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Isn’t it about time for recreation?

It’s 2014 and nothing has been done yet for recreation in Natchez.

It’s long past due, and we need to take care of it. In Natchez, the T.M. Jennings league, the Dixie Youth league, the Girls’ softball league and the soccer league have 12 or more players per team.

That’s 700 to 800 youth that are being provided recreation and leadership each year. Each team has at least two adults that are coaches and managers.

That’s more than 150 adults giving their time for these kids.

They spend many hours at practice, meetings and games providing this service.

They always give of their time and talent to help our youth, and teach them the values of sportsmanship.

Each league has at least 10 to 12 directors that help run the league.

They get the players registered, divided up and make sure things are ready for games each night.

When you go to a game and the lights are on, the scoreboard is working, the scorekeeper is in place and the officials are there, this didn’t just happen.

It was taken care of by the board, a pretty big job. None of this is at any cost to the city or the county. All of these people involved are strictly volunteers.

Don’t you think it’s time that they were provided a nice enough place to play?


Clarence A. Bowlin

past president of Natchez Dixie Youth baseball program