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Anniversary of D-Day adds to week of good news

The 70th anniversary of D-Day made last week one to remember and honor those who fought for our freedom.

Before we begin the week ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of last week:

-Miss-Lou residents McKinley Barnes and Kirk L. “Buck” Morgan remember June 6, 1944, as if it were yesterday. The memories of the day Allied troops landed in Normandy, France for the largest amphibious invasion in history is surely one the veterans want to forget, but is something engrained in their memories forever. Although no meaningful way exists for us to truly show World War II veterans are gratitude, we are forever indebted to them.

-Jackie Young is helping spread her love of reading to Miss-Lou children through her volunteer work at the Concordia Parish Library. Young is one of many volunteers who gives her time to the various libraries in the parish by greeting and answering questions of library visitors. We thank Young for giving her time and helping encourage young people.

-The Rev. Stanley Searcy was honored for his community service work with the Jefferson Award for Public Service. The award is intended to be a Nobel Prize for community and public service that’s given on the national and local level. Searcy, the pastor of New Hope The Vision Center, helped hundreds of Katrina storm victims in 2005 and has completed various community projects during his 17 years in Natchez. We thank Searcy and church members for continuing to improve the community.

Those were just a few of the great things that happened in our community last week, and we hope the week ahead brings many more.