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Pleasant Acre appreciative to Miss-Lou

Pleasant Acre School has enjoyed an exceptional year of community involvement and acceptability.

For the excellent coverage of our many activities, we are truly grateful.

Since the donor list of our many blessings often overlap, we must extend our words of appreciation to the faithful church groups, youth groups, civic clubs, Miss-Lou businesses, devoted families and friends.

We thank the many who assist us in the maintenance of our school and the surrounding “pleasant acre” through labor and/or funding.

We would like these “angels” to realize how important they are in supplementing our “shoe string” budget. Monetary gifts and labors of love carry us through each year, allowing our students to be contributing citizens and neighbors.

On behalf of our special students, the following says it all:

“We are the Pleasant Acre Kids,

you’ve heard so much about.

The people are so nice to us,

whenever we go out.

We’re not a bit stuck up,

about the fun things we do.

Most everybody likes us,

and we’re glad you like us too.

We learn at Pleasant Acre that,

as citizens we rate.

That behavior is important,

that keeping friends is great.

We learn to live with others,

tho’ our lifestyles may not be the same.

We learn how to laugh…we know how to fail.

We also know life is not a game.

You won’t find me loafing.

There’s too much to do and see.

At Pleasant Acre we learn,

there’s more to life than just me.

We learn that life is full of wonder,

for those who try it out.

And so we try — we sometimes fail, then

just turn ourselves about.

This May we got to travel,

to where there’s “fun in the sun.”

To Biloxi we did go,

to see the ocean flow.

We do find our life worth living,

because you see us through.

We thank you for your donations, your loving support,

For you make our dreams come true.”

Mary Ann Foggo-Eidt is the director of Pleasant Acre Day School.