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Join us for a special reunion weekend

The city of Natchez will be filled with former students from all walks of like who are coming together in an exciting new way to promote unity, understanding and social justice for this year’s Sadie V. Thompson Era Reunion.

President Phillip West, Gloria Young and Clara Pinkney have been working with committee members and others to make this year’s events the most historic celebration in the history of our country from 1954 through 1972.

This event has become a cherished tradition, a time of reunion and celebration for students from Sadie V. Thompson, St. Francis and Natchez College.

This group wants to encourage our children to be participants of this occasion to carry the torch for this historic reunion for years to come.

We are extremely excited about this year’s reunion.

We want our friends, formal students, and community members to join our unique journey today through Sunday.

This reunion is one of the biggest events every two years and for a good reason: the camaraderie of old friends celebrating the past while looking to the future.

This extraordinary, extravagant event will start at noon today for registration followed by an 8 p.m. “get acquainted” event. The group will mingle, eat and dance, while talking about the past.

On Friday, the grand motorcade and picnic will take place.

The motorcade will leave Thompson at 4 p.m. The picnic will be on the Natchez Bluff and at the Natchez Convention Center, your choice.

Saturday begins with an early morning golf outing and ends with a black and white affair with live music and a great band.

This eventful weekend of meeting old friends and classmates, laughing and reminiscing about past experiences will end with a unity worship service at 3 p.m. Sunday.

The guest speaker will be Rev. Cecil Hawkins. The guest choir will be The Southern Road to Freedom, featuring president Lisa Johnson.

All events will be today through Sunday at the Natchez Convention Center, located at 211 Main St., in Natchez.

Natchez is the most historic city in the state of Mississippi.

We are special and unique. Please join us this weekend.


Lynda J. William is a Natchez resident and graduate of Natchez Junior College.