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Hospital sale was not managed well

I am sending this letter to the address of Mike Lazarus, who is the supervisor in my district, to be shared with the entire Board of Supervisors.

This letter is in reference to two articles in the July 20 edition of The Natchez Democrat.

The first article is about the Natchez Regional Medical Center sale, and the second article is a Letter to the Editor from Chuck Fields.

NRMC is owned by Adams County.

The supervisors are the governing agency of the county.

I am a county taxpayer. I want to know where the NRMC lawsuit settlement money was spent, went, etc.

The Board of Supervisors should definitely demand a full accounting of where every dollar of the settlement money evaporated.

Approximately $10 million is a large amount to disappear almost overnight.

An independent auditor should have been hire to evaluate this situation.

A statement in Fields’ article prompts another question about the $8 million for advance taxes, which will be paid by the NRMC buyer.

Will all of this money be used to retire the bond debt?

I certainly hope it will. If we only make bond payments, as we are presently doing, surely some of this advance tax money will be spent for other purposes.

I am glad that the county will be out of the hospital business.

I am not happy about the way the taxpayer’s money was managed by the hospital.


Robert Blair

Natchez resident