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Callers using CPSO to request funds

VIDALIA — An advertising company is apparently using a local law enforcement agency as its vehicle to sell magnets, calendars and other items, promising residents police will get all the proceeds.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office administrative assistant Donna Jones said residents and businesses are reporting representatives of the company have called to sell various items to benefit the sheriff’s office.

“They have even gone so far as to say, ‘The sheriff felt sure he could count on you for a $200 donation,’” Jones said. “They even make the invoice look like it’s coming from the sheriff’s office.”

Jones said the advertising agency is keeping all the money and telling businesses that the sheriff’s office is providing bulletproof vests for the deputies.

Jones said she’s received reports from business across the Miss-Lou, and wanted to remind residents that the sheriff’s office would never ask for such donations.

“The only donations the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office solicits are for the D.A.R.E. program and fishing tournaments,” Jones said. “Anytime someone is contacted by an agency to purchase an ad or donate money, they should contact the law enforcement agency directly to make sure they are getting the proceeds.

“It seems these agencies target law enforcement agencies because they know we have great support from our towns and parishes.”

To report this or any other potential telephone scam to the CPSO, call 318-336-5231.