Celebrate Miss-Lou Red Ribbon Week

Published 12:02am Sunday, August 31, 2014

It may seem like a small gesture—pinning a red ribbon on your lapel for a week, wearing a red wristband, displaying a banner—but each act carries a tremendous message: We support one another in the decision to remain drug free.

If we are asking our youth to say no to drugs, to remain drug free, we are asking them to stand up to their peers. For this, they need support.

There is strength in numbers. The red ribbons are a catalyst and symbol that we are united for a drug free youth.

During the last week in October, millions of Americans show their commitment to a drug free life by wearing or displaying a red ribbon.

Every year the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Substance Free Coalition for Adams County join forces to provide leadership for this exciting event.

Red Ribbon Week provides a major opportunity to raise public awareness and mobilize our community to combat alcohol, drug and tobacco use among our youth.

“Every student in Adams County has the opportunity to participate in Red Ribbon Week by promising that they will remain drug-free,” said Sheriff Mayfield. “Each student who makes the promise wears a red ribbon throughout the week and each school decides what kind of events to plan for Red Ribbon week.”

Most schools, the sheriff explains, have assemblies, art and essay contests, or other events that focus students’ attention on what they can do to keep themselves and their families drug-free.

“We are sending our Metro Narcotics agents and Scout our Metro canine agent to give drug awareness presentations to several area schools,” Mayfield said.

Abby Goldblatt, Adams County Prevention Coordinator will accompany the Metro Agents to provide further information.

Red Ribbon week is October 23-31.

To schedule a drug awareness presentation at your school or organization, contact me at 601-442-2752 or ctaylor@adamscosheriff.org.


Courtney Taylor

Adams County Sheriff’s Office