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Is your second business just a hobby instead?

Are you involved in a “second business” that might almost be thought of as a “hobby?” Activities that involve an element of personal enrichment or ... Read more

Reinvesting your dividends can eventually pay off

When you invest in stocks, you want their price to go up. But of course, you can’t control the rise and fall of stock prices. ... Read more

Forget football; now is time to think about taxes

It’s that time of year again! No, no, not football, tax planning time! Although your 2011 personal taxes aren’t due until April 16, 2012, now ... Read more

Create an effective giving strategy for your business

Small business is a potent but often overlooked supporter of charity. Virtually all U.S. businesses with one to 249 employees contribute to charitable organizations in ... Read more

Keep your investments working hard all year long

On September 5, we observe Labor Day, which is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Of course, if you’re like most ... Read more

Health savings account a tax advantage way to save

To help reduce health insurance costs, the Health Savings Account might be the right option for you. HSAs have grown in popularity as a way ... Read more

Attaining secure retirement is a vital financial goal

Planning for retirement is a lifelong process. Whether you are just starting to invest or you are well into your working years, this list can ... Read more

Your accountant should be more than a tax preparer

Most everyone knows that smart tax preparation and planning requires a good accountant, but a smart CPA, who has worked with many small businesses, can ... Read more

Consider these factors when calculating workers comp

several factors are taken into consideration when calculating a workers compensation premium. It is a good idea to review these items with your insurance agent ... Read more

Don’t let low interest rates sink your retirement plans

Over the past few years, if you’ve taken out a mortgage or another consumer loan, you’ve probably welcomed the low interest rates you may have ... Read more

It’s summer… is your car safe enough to drive?

Summer is here and that means it’s time for vacations, cookouts and summer road trips. Before you jump into the family vehicle, have you done ... Read more | 1 comment

Health care needed attention

Health care reform has been a hotly debated topic since President Obama took office in January 2009. Read more | 1 comment

Consider how you will pay for a college education

First the grim news: The cost of a college education has continued to increase at rates well above the general inflation rate in recent years. ... Read more

Work toward your own financial Independence Day with these tips

On July 4, we shoot fireworks, attend picnics, watch parades and otherwise celebrate our nation’s independence and the many freedoms we enjoy. But as you ... Read more

Quality claim service makes a difference in a crash

Headaches, hassles, and unnecessary strain in life can be reduced by researching the quality of claims service a company offers before purchasing an auto insurance ... Read more

Maintaining a good credit rating is achievable

For most Americans, debt is an essential financial tool for achieving a desired lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to establish and maintain a good credit ... Read more

Certificates of deposit offer safety of principal

Many people depend on certificates of deposit to provide extra income. Yet CD rates have been fairly low for a while. In recent months, in ... Read more

Build your retirement savings with life annuities

Most people save for major purchases like new cars, home improvements or tropical vacations. Unfortunately, some people don’t plan for their long-term financial needs. People ... Read more

Managing retirement cash flow requires budgeting

When retirement planning goes into reverse, shifting from accumulating assets to living off investment and other income, cash flow becomes critical. The ultimate goal for ... Read more

Medicare’s gaps can be filled in to protect assets

Whether you’re approaching your golden years or are experiencing them, it’s important to be aware of how your health care options change at age 65. ... Read more

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