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Squabbling over CVB needs to end soon

Hopefully soon the Natchez mayor and board of aldermen can put an end to the squabbling at the Natchez Convention and Promotion Commission and the ... Read more

Riverland needs to be more open about plans for hospital

Based on the tension apparent in Tuesday’s conversation at the Concordia Parish Police Jury meeting, clearly some bad blood exists between the parish’s healthcare providers. Read more

Celebrate Natchez Tricentennial Day today

Happy Natchez Tricentennial Day to each of you. Read more

Government business is public record

Clearly, our state’s elected officials — or at least the majority of them — feel as if they’re above the rest of us. Read more

Blue skies highlight good news

Blue skies were a welcome sight Sunday morning after a string of days filled with gray clouds and rain. As we dry out from last ... Read more

Voters should not follow mood to oust incumbents blindly

Donald Trump’s amazing rise in popularity as the Republican frontrunner for nomination for president underscores a phenomenon seen even locally — voters are frustrated. Read more

Congrats to Children’s Home on 200th anniversary

Most of us are quite familiar with Natchez’s ongoing celebration of 300 years of existence as an American city. Read more

Eola decision should return to planning commission

A decision on future development plans for the former Natchez Eola Hotel building is expected to come before the Natchez Board of Aldermen soon. Read more

FOR Natchez efforts to be applauded

Natchez is literally dripping with history. Most of us know that, but for many of us, we can easily forget that preserving our history is ... Read more

Your vote matters in today’s primary

Today, Mississippi steps into the biggest national news story going — presidential politics. Read more

Good news caps off great weather

After such a beautiful weekend, most of us probably would prefer to play hooky from work or school this morning. Read more

Kasich appears to be only civil Republican

My mouth certainly had the look of shock Thursday as the images of four of the six people vying to lead our country flashed on ... Read more

Secrecy bill tramples on First Amendment

The Mississippi Senate passed a bill this week that, if made into law, will open a faucet on the hill of free speech, thus creating ... Read more

Could city avoid taking out loan?

On the bright side, at least Natchez aldermen are talking to one another about the city’s finances. Read more

Problems at CVB deserve less drama

Clearly, problems have occurred at the Natchez Convention and Visitors Bureau. Read more

Choices this election are shameful

Millions of Americans will head to the polls today — dubbed Super Tuesday — to cast their votes in party primaries to select presidential nominees. Read more

Leap into week with good news

Today is one of those rare days that only comes around every four years — Leap Day. Read more

Take a look at the present in Profile 2016

The past doesn’t define a place, but history does shape its present and in some ways guide its future. Read more

Riverland should be transparent

To be a public hospital, the Riverland Medical Center Board of Directors could certainly do a better job at keeping the public fully informed of ... Read more

Matching grants need questioning

Natchez aldermen are wise to begin carefully questioning the city’s upcoming financial obligations connected to ongoing capital projects and related matching grants. Read more

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