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Eola audible may not be best for city

Last week, developers of the former Natchez Eola Hotel came before the Natchez Planning Commission with plans that didn’t meet the city’s development code. Read more

Good news abundant in the Miss-Lou

The start of the week is forecast to have some gloomy, cloudy skies, but last week good news abounded across the area. Read more

HEAT is first step to take back streets

Last week evidence of a new program at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office was clearly visible — more people were being arrested. Read more

Do we know what fines are able to be collected?

Natchez and Adams County governments have wrestled with what to do about past-due court fines for years and years. Read more

Tricentennial park idea a good one

Natchez tourism officials recently announced early plans to turn the former tollbooth colonnades area into a special park to commemorate the city’s 300 years of ... Read more

Wrong role models part of problem

Sunday night, yet another young Natchez man was killed in a senseless act of gun violence. Read more

Habitat for Humanity deserves our support

Few non-profits appear to be as singularly focused and intent on their mission as Habitat for Humanity.q Read more

Valentine’s week one of good news

Hopefully, each of you received a nice Valentine’s Day gift yesterday. Read more

Campaign finances laws need strengthening

Campaign financing laws are simply not strict enough. We’ve long complained that despite laws that require candidates to disclose campaign contributions publicly, the spirit of ... Read more

Mechanic savings could be significant

Adams County supervisors may be many things, but being timid isn’t one of them. Read more

Politics should not expedite pool

Natchez and Adams County appear to be on the brink of finally doing something together to improve the community’s recreational offerings. Read more

Change will only come from the top

Monday’s meeting of Natchez aldermen and Adams County supervisors had the potential to be explosive and divisive. Read more

Local violence demands our attention

Our community has seen another violent act injure teenagers. Read more

Week sees plenty of good news

With Fat Tuesday just a day a way, Easter is just around the corner, coming early this year. Read more

Vidalia voters have critical choice to make

Vidalia voters certainly have two distinctly different choices come next month’s mayor’s race. Read more

Despite FBI letter, Vidalia deal stinks

Another interesting chapter was closed in the ongoing saga of Vidalia’s dubious Square on Carter development, but not without another strange plot twist. Read more

Elected school board may be way to go

On Monday a group of local elected and community leaders are expected to come together to discuss a long-standing debate in the community — should ... Read more

Raising legal smoking age right step

Normally, county government in Mississippi deals with things like roads, gravel, drainage and taxes. Read more

Copiah-Lincoln Community College recognition well deserved

Call us overly proud. But we’ve long thought of Copiah-Lincoln Community College as being among one of the best things Southwest Mississippi has going for ... Read more

End of month ushers in good news

If you’re like us, you’re probably staring at the calendar and thinking, “Where did January go?” Read more

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