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Public schools should be state priority

Gov. Phil Bryant laid out his future plans for Mississippi Tuesday during his annual State of the State address. From our perspective, the future looks slightly ... Read more

Inmate ankle devices worth exploring

Normally, district attorneys and sheriffs are among the front line troops aiming to remove potential criminals from your neighborhood. Read more

We deserve equipped fire department

Once upon a time, Natchez’s fire department was among the best in the state. Read more

Cold weather did not stop good news

After a weekend of cold weather, this week should be a bit warmer as the march toward spring continues. Read more

Together, we can drive out criminals

Left unchecked, thugs are like termites. Read more

Lawmakers need to lead on state flag

Earlier this week, the leaders of Oktibbeha County had the courage that we can only hope state lawmakers can muster. Read more

West has duty to redeem school district

Adams County Supervisors wanted a change on the Natchez-Adams School Board, and they should more than get their wish with their recent appointment of Phillip ... Read more

Courage was King’s greatest trait

Our nation paused Monday to honor the man who epitomized and galvanized the American Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Read more

Despite high water, week sees good news

Good morning and good Monday. Although still at near record levels, the Mississippi River is cresting in Natchez, and that gives all of those in ... Read more

Community was ready for flood

The Mississippi River at Natchez reached one of its highest levels in recorded history Saturday. Read more

Transparency good for board process

Resentment, frustration and distrust are perhaps the best words to describe the mood the Adams County Board of Supervisors have regarding one of the county’s ... Read more

Ferriday paving plan bad idea

Members of the Ferriday Board of Aldermen need to pause and consider the meaning of a simple, but important word — responsibility. Read more

Coast Guard should curtail flood traffic

If the forecast holds, the great winter flood of 2016 will go down as merely a scare for most of us. Read more

Flood system a marvel for all to witness

A modern engineering wonder is happening right off the edge of Natchez’s front porch. Read more

Good news rising in the Miss-Lou

Nearly everyone in the area continues to keep a watchful eye on the rising Mississippi River this week. Read more

City should follow health initiative plan

Yes, Natchez is unique. No other place quite like it exists anywhere. Three centuries of preserved history makes our community a bit like a time ... Read more

Tax needs to be business friendly

Sure, Mississippi ranks at the bottom of all the “good” lists and near the top of all the “bad” ones, but our pride sometimes gets ... Read more

Voters wait for decision in District 37

Five Mississippi senators are tasked with figuring out what kept portions of Southwest Mississippi in suspense for days — who won the Senate District 37 ... Read more

Mitchell is ideal NASD school board candidate

Over the past several years, Natchezians have witnessed many changes in our public education system. At this point, it’s safe that majority of these changes ... Read more

‘Free’ grant money isn’t really free

For many people, Natchez Alderman Dan Dillard comes off as a bit of a broken record, for good reason. Read more

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