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Try starting a container garden for a few beautiful, edible treats

Growing vegetables in containers is becoming very popular, in part due to the many advantages over traditional vegetable gardening. Container growing makes it easier for ... Read more | Add your comment

Explore new summer plants this season, the benefits are worth it

When I looked at the garden calendar to see what needs to be done in the garden in June, I was struck by how many ... Read more | Add your comment

Want to diversify your garden? Check out a seed swap online

Seed swaps are becoming increasingly popular. Participating in seed swaps allows you to find seeds that may be unavailable locally or in catalogs, which tend ... Read more | Add your comment

Garden column: Add color, life to yard with cosmos

If you are looking for a showy plant that is easy to grow, cosmos is for you. The most common is orange cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus). ... Read more | Add your comment

Find a home for that amaryllis

If you received an amaryllis plant as a gift this past Christmas, now is the time to start wondering what to do with it. Before ... Read more | Add your comment

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