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Companion planting can help reduce pest damage in your garden

Companion planting is getting more and more attention these days. Some may refer to companion planting as selecting the right color combination of ornamentals or ... Read more | Add your comment

Style column: Natchez Halloweens gone by, not forgotten

The Halloween season is upon us. I am one who enjoys it, sees no harm in it and has fond childhood memories of my own ... Read more | Add your comment

A little planning will have your garden smelling sweet year-round

“A garden without fragrance is like a sumptuous dinner without any flavor. With a little planning, you can create a sensory experience of fragrance as ... Read more | Add your comment

Start a compost pile this season for your future gardens

Autumn is a great time to build a compost pile. The falling leaves will give you a good start. Compost is partially decomposed organic waste. ... Read more | Add your comment

‘Garden Mama’ provides useful advice during summer’s heat, humidity

During these dog days of summer, when even an hour outdoors brings on the vapors, this is an excellent time to sit in a cool ... Read more | Add your comment

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