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Natchez heirloom roses bloom with color, fragrance for season

Many gardeners admire the intense fragrance, romantic history and informal growth habits of heritage roses, also dubbed antique roses and officially classified as Old Garden ... Read more

Time for your spring yard chores has arrived

It’s time to get out and get some spring chores done. This should be easy since we are surrounded by so many beautiful blooming plants ... Read more

Flowering bulbs are great way to share love of gardening

One of the great gardening traditions of the South is the generosity of gardeners who love to share their plants. Termed “passalong plants” this heritage ... Read more

Add variety to your shade garden as mild winter says goodbye

Do you have large shady spots you would like to bring alive with color? Some plants will bloom consistently in shade while others add lasting ... Read more

Camellia fever big in Natchez

Camellias are the quintessential Southern landscape shrub. They grow in abundance throughout this region. Many are among the foundation plantings of antebellum mansions including Montaigne, ... Read more

From chinaberries to crape myrtles: Trees play important role in Natchez

Three hundred years of Natchez history during this tricentennial celebration would not be complete without considering ornamental and edible plants so appreciated then … and ... Read more

Treat your Christmas plants with care, and they’ll make season bright

If you give or receive a plant for Christmas, follow these tips for success. Of course, the tips will also work if you bought the ... Read more

Don’t just smash that fall pumpkin, put it to work for you

So, what are you going to do with your leftover Halloween pumpkins? If you are like most gardeners, you won’t want to just throw them ... Read more

Temperatures are cooling, it’s time to get to garden work

It is time to get out and enjoy the cooler weather and get a few chores done while you are at it. Save your caladiums ... Read more

Keep deer out of your backyard garden by changing the menu

Several weeks ago a friend asked me about deer resistant plants. I did a Google search and printed a list for her and didn’t think ... Read more

Keep your garden, and yourself, alive despite the heat

It seems as though all we can think about these days is the heat. Although the need to do garden chores diminishes somewhat this time ... Read more

Try starting a container garden for a few beautiful, edible treats

Growing vegetables in containers is becoming very popular, in part due to the many advantages over traditional vegetable gardening. Container growing makes it easier for ... Read more

Explore new summer plants this season, the benefits are worth it

When I looked at the garden calendar to see what needs to be done in the garden in June, I was struck by how many ... Read more

Want to diversify your garden? Check out a seed swap online

Seed swaps are becoming increasingly popular. Participating in seed swaps allows you to find seeds that may be unavailable locally or in catalogs, which tend ... Read more

Garden column: Add color, life to yard with cosmos

If you are looking for a showy plant that is easy to grow, cosmos is for you. The most common is orange cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus). ... Read more

Find a home for that amaryllis

If you received an amaryllis plant as a gift this past Christmas, now is the time to start wondering what to do with it. Before ... Read more

Rose bush pruning time is here season

Mid to late February is the month to prune roses here, so if you haven’t yet shaped up your rose bushes, now’s the time. Roses, ... Read more

Shopping for a gardener? Your job has never been easier

If your list includes a gardening enthusiast, you are fortunate. Gardeners love to grow, so you can choose from plants, bulbs, seeds, tools, gardening accessories ... Read more

Companion planting can help reduce pest damage in your garden

Companion planting is getting more and more attention these days. Some may refer to companion planting as selecting the right color combination of ornamentals or ... Read more

Style column: Natchez Halloweens gone by, not forgotten

The Halloween season is upon us. I am one who enjoys it, sees no harm in it and has fond childhood memories of my own ... Read more

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