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Friday I will be in kitchen, not in stores

I guess you’ve seen the list going around on Facebook where you list things about yourself that few people know about you. Well, here’s one ... Read more

Winter is time for exploring

It’s about time to snuggle inside for the winter. What better time to explore all of the plant websites and apps available to gardeners? Read more

Holidays are made for dessert

Last week we covered two of my family’s favorite side dishes for the holidays, and this week I think I have the perfect dessert for ... Read more

It’s never too early to plan for holidays

Even though we are still in the middle of football season it’s time for me to start thinking about the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas. Read more

Make dinner with family simple, easy

No matter how much techonolgy changes, one thing that hasn’t changed — and I hope never changes — is a parent’s desire to put a ... Read more

Autumn is the perfect time to plan for a garden filled with fragrance

“A garden without fragrance is like a sumptuous dinner without any flavor. With a little planning, you can create a sensory experience of fragrance as ... Read more

Here’s a twist on cheesecake

While most of my favorite snack foods are in the carb family instead of the sweets category there is one thing that I absolutely love ... Read more

Time off is good for planning

The best thing about your college team having a weekend off is that you get to round up a new recipe or two to add ... Read more

Want brilliant color from your flowering bulbs? Start planning now

Daffodils, crocuses, irises and tulips are all bulbs that will add brilliant color to your landscape next spring with a little planning now. Read more

Paleo diet may be right for your lifestyle

Several new “diets” or eating plans are out and about right now, and one that I hear and see a lot about is the Paleo ... Read more

It’s not a diet; it’s a healthy lifestyle

My youngest daughter Emily has headed back to college for her junior year, and I have to admit my house is a little empty. Read more

Beach is better with adults

Taking a vacation with grown children was so different from going with younger kids, and I have to say it was fabulous. I didn’t have ... Read more

Don’t let the hot summer keep you from a beautiful flower garden

The hot summer hasn’t kept my garden from showcasing beautiful flowers, thanks to some outstanding perennial plants I added to my landscape last fall and ... Read more

Boost your health with quinoa

I have a new favorite grain, actually a seed. If you haven’t tried quinoa you’re missing out on a great addition to your efforts at ... Read more

Get a taste of the beach with this south of the border crab dip

My family’s beach vacation is getting so close I can literally smell the salt water. This has been an interesting vacation for me to plan ... Read more

Let’s talk about watering

With the scorching heat here to stay for awhile, it seems like a good time to talk about watering. Your method of watering depends on ... Read more

From stalk to grill: Corn on!

One of my favorite things to grill in the summertime is fresh corn on the cob, and right now it is at the peak of ... Read more

Don’t listen to your grandmama, you can eat oysters in June

I typically try to avoid talking people out of their beliefs in food myths or “old wives tales.” Read more

Meal planning is the key to avoiding dinner time panic attacks

When people ask me how I cook during the week, especially since I’m trying to change to a healthier lifestyle, I give the same answer ... Read more

Start your day with these two breakfast-on-the-go muffin recipes

Breakfast is a downfall for many people trying to live a healthier lifestyle. With so many fast food places offering burritos, biscuits, sausage, ham, bacon, ... Read more

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