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School’s out; Let’s go to Applebee’s

The news that Applebee’s plans to bring its endless apps and bar snacks to a small corner of the Natchez Mall parking lot is certainly ... Read more | Add your comment

Add bridge workers to hero list

In a world where politicians and celebrities crave the spotlight, it is hard to figure out who the true heroes are. Read more | Add your comment

Do we want a hero or a leader?

What America wants for its next president is a fighter, a person who can go toe-to-toe with big government and win. Read more | Add your comment

Is voting random or responsibility?

If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on the ballot, he might have received at least one vote. He might even have won the Democratic nomination. Read more | Add your comment

Summer sliding not good for son

The stack of papers on the dining room table looms over our family’s busy summer like a vulture looking for its next prey. Read more | Add your comment