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Tourism voices need to stop, listen

In Natchez, there is no shortage of people with strong opinions. My guess is that it has been that way for many years. Read more

‘Your Take’ going strong after 10 years

Ten years and two months, 3,717 photographs later, the “Your Take” feature of The Natchez Democrat keeps going strong. Read more

Could Trump give state election blues?

Does Donald Trump’s candidacy open up the possibility that Mississippi will go for a Democrat this year? Read more

Candidates put parents in quandry

Watching my son squirm in his chair doing everything he could to evade my questions, I thought for a split second, “Maybe this kid could ... Read more

Old jail? Been there, done that

When it comes to building a new county jail, Adams County leaders have “been there, done that.” Read more

Being gross is in the eye of the beholder

Just like beauty, all things gross and slightly repulsive are in the eye of the beholder. Read more

I hear Canada is nice in the fall

If I hadn’t been born, my parents would be living in Ottawa or Toronto, singing “O, Canada” at weekend hockey games. Read more

School’s out; Let’s go to Applebee’s

The news that Applebee’s plans to bring its endless apps and bar snacks to a small corner of the Natchez Mall parking lot is certainly ... Read more

Add bridge workers to hero list

In a world where politicians and celebrities crave the spotlight, it is hard to figure out who the true heroes are. Read more

Do we want a hero or a leader?

What America wants for its next president is a fighter, a person who can go toe-to-toe with big government and win. Read more

Is voting random or responsibility?

If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on the ballot, he might have received at least one vote. He might even have won the Democratic nomination. Read more

Summer sliding not good for son

The stack of papers on the dining room table looms over our family’s busy summer like a vulture looking for its next prey. Read more

Always prepare to be challenged

So what if Pluto had been the Death Star after all? Read more

Is dream for MLK street coming true?

In life, most changes happen slowly and incrementally. Wrinkles form without fanfare. A few gray hairs go unnoticed until one suddenly looks in the mirror ... Read more

Changing our flag is just the first step

When the Confederate battle emblem is removed from the Mississippi State flag, the easiest task of addressing racism in our state or country will be ... Read more

Do you ever graduate from Parent U?

Sometimes I am not a good student. Read more

Vital questions left unanswered

The June 2nd meeting concerning the hydroelectric ordinance began as a meeting to inform the attendees about the Square on Carter Street. I took about ... Read more

For Hill, silence is not a virtue

Silence is not the answer. As much as there have been discussions between community members, the Adams County Board of Supervisors and its appointees to ... Read more

City not alone in combatting property issues

Bigger is not always better. Faster is not always superior. Government is not always the answer. Read more

Sometimes laughter is best medicine

When the bases are loaded, the winning run is on base and your son is paying more attention to the butterfly in the outfield than ... Read more

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