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Ben Hillyer

Grammar scores a hit with baseball

Who knew that Dracula understands the infield fly rule or knows the difference between a no-hitter and a perfect game? Read more

Son winning pop culture race for now

What does it mean when the only person in our house who has seen an Academy Award winning movie last year is our 4-year-old son? Read more

Miss-Lou’s unique story told in Profile

When I got married, I was convinced my wife and I shared the same opinions on almost everything. Read more

Homemade cards shape our Valentine’s

We have been learning what love is in the Hillyer house. It is Valentine’s Day after all. Read more

Snow brings out best in community

I don’t think it ever got to the point that I prayed. Read more

Future of our health care is at stake

When it comes down to it, there are five people that hold the health care futures of more than 90,000 residents in Natchez, Adams County ... Read more

Being the duck in a row just fine by me

I am not a “ducks in the row” kind of person. Read more

Common Core support needed now

It doesn’t take another national report to know that Mississippi is failing its students. Read more

No one was chopped this time around

Move over Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali. The next great American chef has made his debut. Read more

Natchez still a city to ‘Get On Up’ for

James Brown has left the city. Read more

Son makes cheesy choice for pet name

I don’t know which is easier, deciding on the name of your first child or coming up with the name of your next pet. Read more

Don’t forget true meaning of holidays

Where have the Thanksgivings and Christmases of my childhood gone? Read more

Many things remain after assassination

“That day changed our lives forever,” my mother said on the phone. Read more

Can I star as the cheese tray guy?

I want to be the guy who carries the fruit and cheese trays during the filming of “Get On Up.” Read more

Meetings don’t tell whole story

If the public believes that having cameras in the Natchez City Council Chambers increases transparency in city government, they are mistaken. Meetings don’t tell whole ... Read more

Shutdown couldn’t stop balloon texts

As the nation kept its eyes on Capitol Hill wondering if Congress would rescue the country from default, The Natchez Democrat newsroom was dealing with ... Read more

Homemade costumes are tough fit

Store-bought Halloween costumes were banned in the Hillyer house when I was a youngster. Read more

Does doctor have medicine for education?

I am not a miracle worker, but I have helped make a miracle happen. Read more

Numbers game tough for mayor, city enforcement

As I settled back into my office chair after a restful five-day vacation Wednesday night, I heard a familiar voice on the police scanner next ... Read more

Extraordinary can be found in the ordinary

Pike County, Georgia is not the epicenter of the art world. Read more

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