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Don’t be afraid to share pet’s personality

Some folks just need to enter the room to a theme song. Read more

Prepare for plenty of true stories

A firefighting teacher, a sheep shearing pre-teen and a Spanish-preaching Irish man walk into a bar. Read more

100 of this, 100 of that, get counting!

How did you learn to count to 100? Read more | 1 comment

Don’t forget the humpbacks

Write our state’s name vertically on a state map and somewhere after the last crooked letter, crooked letter and between the first and second humpback, ... Read more

Maybe it’s time to fly south?

Winter clearly isn’t even for the birds. These creatures, with some of the smallest brains in all the animal kingdom, are smart enough to know ... Read more

New world needs close attention

An interesting new door swung open in the Miss-Lou Friday, and, like the children who walked through the wardrobe in C.S. Lewis’ famous writings, we ... Read more | 3 comments

Let’s make a few resolutions, together

Resolutions, for those who actually make them, tend to be a very personal thing. Read more | 6 comments

Help us honor the best of the Miss-Lou

As we approach the final days of 2012, you’ll be seeing, hearing and reading plenty of lists recapping the best, worst and most significant moments ... Read more

Is addiction something to celebrate?

Hundreds of local residents, including prominent leaders, turned a blind eye Tuesday as they celebrated Natchez’s newest corporate partner. Read more | 7 comments

It’s soon time to build on our bruises

A year should be long enough for the bruises of last Christmas season to heal, making way for new ones. Read more | 1 comment

Trash crews can become good friends

In our go-go-go world, something is still special about the faces that make a trip to your house on a regular basis. Read more

Dear Santa, did you get my letter?

Waiting on a reply to a personal letter or note can be a bit on the excruciating side. Read more | 2 comments

And I do appreciate you being round

The Beatles, when they began acknowledging they weren’t so self-assured, would have liked the Miss-Lou. Read more

District’s fresh face has opportunity

The time it took new Superintendent Frederick Hill to explain his goals for the district and field 20 questions from the town hall meeting’s audience ... Read more | 2 comments

Seen any bull in the county lately?

A lot of bull has been roaming freely in our community lately. Read more

Our feud could lead to your fun

Our North Canal Street newspaper office was the site of a feud a few weeks ago and four people walked away with the money. Read more

Is it over yet? Presidential show lingers

Thank goodness for the beginning of the end. Read more | 1 comment

Let’s inflate bigger, better together

In just two days the party starts in Natchez for the biggest single weekend of the year. Read more | 5 comments

Classic treats tie community together

Sugar and grease have a powerful pull on a person in these parts. Read more | 4 comments

Voter ID fight must overcome history

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that on the same week the university bearing the state’s name commemorated the wrongdoing of many residents, word came that ... Read more | 10 comments

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