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Julie Cooper

Print simply too powerful to be ignored

A nice, out-of-town salesman who puts bread on his table pitching the benefits of online marketing to small businesses reminded me last week of just ... Read more | 2 comments

Don’t let our state live up to expectations

Either you or me had best start eating. We have “big” expectations to meet, according to a national advocacy group that’s making bold predictions and ... Read more | 7 comments

Fire squabble not good in short run

In the short run the never-ending squabble over fire protection is benefiting no one. Read more | 2 comments

Fall fun offers something for everyone

Sure, azaleas pack a powerful spring punch, but let’s be honest, nothing beats fall fun in the Miss-Lou. Read more

What’s more romantic than a hurricane?

To me, hurricanes symbolize love. Read more | 1 comment

Experience Friday nights live, anywhere

High school football kicked off in the Miss-Lou with a bang and, unfortunately, a few sirens, Friday night. Read more

What will wash up tomorrow?

It’s not news to any local resident that our community’s biggest, most interesting highway is full of trash. Read more | 3 comments

Have you found your patriotism?

The simple, yet loud, cheers of 5-year-old twin boys in the stands at Olympic Stadium Monday would have been enough to inspire even the least ... Read more

Now is time to support schools, leaders

New Concordia Parish Superintendent Paul Nelson likely knew before Monday night that he wouldn’t always have the support of the entire parish school board. Read more | 1 comment

Media is a mirror of America

An interesting thing happened on CNN Monday when veteran TV anchor Anderson Cooper received a heartfelt challenge from the father of a shooting victim in ... Read more | 4 comments

Project needs manager, not just coach

Who is in charge of efforts to ensure Natchez and Adams County build a recreation complex in the next decade? Read more | 8 comments

White must get right to work at NPD

Danny White has his work cut out for him. Read more | 2 comments

Fourth of July was best day of summer

For one of the most patriotic communities in the country, the Miss-Lou lets the Fourth of July come and go with little fanfare. Read more | 1 comment

Changing for the future, or the past?

The more things change in the Miss-Lou, the more they stay the same. Read more

What makes good TV these days?

Twice in the last year I’ve settled in for a relaxing evening on the couch, ready to step far, far away from the real world ... Read more | 1 comment

Be careful with attitude toward education

At some point, probably soon, our society is going to have to rethink education. Read more | 6 comments

Who will be the mayor of tomorrow?

It’s time to find the mayor of tomorrow. Read more | 13 comments

Invest in this community with dollars

The world outside the boundaries of Adams County and Concordia Parish made more than $42,000 off the Natchez municipal elections. Read more | 8 comments

Prison riot will remain with us

Only a few local events in the last decade have been enough to truly scare this reporter. Read more | 2 comments

Do you love books? Reading pays off

Young Kaylee Floyd’s T-shirt said enough. Read more | 1 comment

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