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Julie Cooper

Are next 30-somethings the answer?

This is an important year for the future of our nation. Read more | 4 comments

Those who don’t vote do count

Highs danced near 90 degrees Tuesday, and the sun baked campaign supporters waving signs, arms and balloons at area polling locations. Read more | 1 comment

Parenting 101 is all around us, just watch

Our house played host to a parenting 101 seminar this weekend, and my husband and I took a few notes. Read more | 1 comment

Weak mayor can be strong leader

A simple fact that presumably governs the City of Natchez isn’t a fact at all. It’s only a matter of opinion. Read more | 3 comments

What if we had the best of each candidate?

Phillip West preaches the word of Natchez. Put him behind a lectern with a live microphone and he’ll steal the show every time. He clearly ... Read more | 5 comments

Squawk that turns to talk is worthwhile

Does the Natchez-Adams School District pay its top administrators too much? Or does it have too many top administrators? Read more | 10 comments

Here’s what we’ll do during city elections

Small windows of time crop up on the Miss-Lou news calendar that allow for catching up and getting ahead here at the newspaper. Read more | 2 comments

Can pride fuel future successes?

Texans certainly have impressive egos. Mississippians and Louisianans know that from a young age. Read more | 10 comments

It’s good to matter on national scene

Our exits were worth polling Tuesday, and that means something special for our great state. Four years ago, as the Mississippi presidential primary rolled around, ... Read more | 4 comments

Hot pink draws our tourists

The leaves begin turning a beautiful shade of red in northern New Hampshire during the last week of September, most of the time. Read more

Can Natchez change history?

History has been making news lately in Natchez. Read more | 16 comments

Will you get outside your box today?

The famous words of Robert Fulghum that started in a book and found their way to countless schoolroom posters come to a close with a ... Read more | 27 comments

All of us will guide next generations

I’m an X, I work with Ys and all that really matters are the Zs. Read more | 3 comments

Football greatness lives in you

Forget the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, most of you would be much better at the four degrees of Southern football. Read more

iMotivator gets children interested

A cacophony of yells from a gym of 300 intrigued elementary students quickly cleared up a dilemma for our staff Friday. Read more | 1 comment

They won’t consolidate, but we can

By now you likely know that the Cooper family household has four members — me, Kevin, plus two dogs. Read more | 4 comments

Nominate the heroes around you

Nearly 250 Miss-Lou residents have been nominated and chosen as Unsung Heroes since 1986. Read more

Gaming to be at heart of campaign ’12

The sure-to-be-heated spring 2012 race for Natchez mayor has its own grand debate of federal health care plan proportions. Read more | 7 comments

Bases are loaded for start of 2012

In 2011, Natchez and Adams County loaded the bases. Read more | 5 comments

What stands out in 2011 for you?

They say no news is good news, and in 2011 that rung true. Read more | 3 comments

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